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Acura Maintenance Codes

2021 Acura TLX Front Dashboard


Your Acura vehicle’s dashboard will warn you when your vehicle is in need of service or repair via different symbols that flash or the notable “check engine” light. But, your dashboard lighting up with various symbols could indicate that a number of repair or service needs are required. If you have a code reader, then you can get a specific code like Acura b12 service that will indicate what kind of service your vehicle needs. If you don’t have a code reader, then bring it into our service center at Acura of Escondido. 

Once you figure out what your Acura maintenance codes mean and what is required, bring in your vehicle from San Diego to our repair center to have your vehicle serviced and get back on the road in no time. 

Acura Maintenance Code Dictionary

So, what does a code like Acura b13 service indicate? Whether you’re trying to figure out your Acura MDX service codes or Acura TLX service codes, you’ll be able to easily decipher what your service codes mean once you take a look at our service code breakdown. 

The codes start with the letter “a” or “b” and are then proceeded with a number 1-6. Take a look at how this combination of letters and numbers indicates what your vehicle needs: 

Primary Codes:

The letter “a” or “b” will be the primary part of the service code for your Acura. Here is what the two primary letter codes mean: 


  • Replace engine oil 


  • Replace engine oil 
  • Oil filter 
  • Inspect front and rear brakes 
  • Check parking brake adjustment 
  • Expiry date for tire repair kit 
  • Tie rod ends 
  • Steering gearbox 
  • Suspension components 
  • Driveshaft boots 
  • Brake hoses 
  • Fluid levels 
  • Exhaust system 
  • Fuel lines and any other maintenance items specific to your Acura

Secondary Codes: 

Once you have the letter, you’ll then see a number right after the letter. The numbers range from 1-6 and can indicate any of the following: 


  • Tire Rotation 


  • Replace air cleaner element 
  • Dust and pollen filter 
  • Inspect drive belt


  • Replace transmission fluid


  • Replace spark plugs 
  • Timing belt
  • Inspect water pump and valve clearance


  • Replace engine coolant


  • Replace rear differential fluid 

Hopefully, it’s a little easier to read an Acura b12 service code or any code that you get after taking it to a shop. If you’re still unclear of what your Acura maintenance codes mean, schedule a visit to our shop near Temecula. 

Service Your Acura in Escondido

Whether you’re trying to read your Acura MDX codes or codes for any Acura model, you’ll know exactly what you need when you have your car diagnosed at Acura of Escondido near Carlsbad. Contact us to get Acura b13 service or anything else you need to get your Acura running like new again.

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